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Alternative Medicine - Holistic Doctor, Natural Medicine, Detoxification - Dr Muran


Alternative, Holistic Integrative Medicine

Peter J. Muran, MD, the alternative medicine doctor at Longevity Healthcare, focuses on natural medicine, natural detoxification, and natural healing. Dr. Muran takes a very personal natural medicine approach reflecting the following concepts:

  • Caring individualized, treatment, utilizing the innate capacity of the body to heal
  • Functional understanding of whole-person health
  • Blending of conventional and alternative therapies

Dr. Muran combines the best conventional medicine with holistic medicine to promote natural healing and longevity. It’s the kind of medical care you always hoped you could find in the Bakersfield area, not the medical care as it’s always been.

It is Dr. Muran's expertise as an alternative medicine doctor and his commitment to the community that drives Longevity Healthcare. A holistic medicine practice which incorporates a wide range of approaches including hormone therapy, fibromyalgia treatment, Lyme disease treatment, comprehensive cardiac wellness, gastrointestinal health and mercury detoxification. Longevity Healthcare serves the Central California communities in and around Bakersfield.

Alternative treatments for hormone balance, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and comprehensive, cardiac wellness are among the myriad of cutting-edge, holistic practices employed by Dr. Muran and his staff. If you are looking for an alternative medicine doctor near Bakersfield whose holistic healing practice incorporates the best in natural medicine and natural detoxification, depend on Dr. Muran's Longevity Healthcare practice for the natural healing you need.

This alternative medicine doctor is not constrained by health insurance company contracts that limit a physician's ability to treat the whole person for an optimal outcome. The holistic medicine utilized in this practice ranges from hormone therapy and fibromyalgia relief, to Lyme disease recovery and comprehensive cardiac wellness.

If you are in or around the Bakersfield area and you need a competent, compassionate, qualified holistic medicine medical doctor, look no farther than the Longevity Healthcare Center.



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